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Meister Solar is a company which cares about the development of communities in the Philippines!

We support selected projects that bring immediate help or sustainable development to local communities.

On this page we would like to inform you regularly about these projects with a good cause.

Meister Solar helps Tacloban.

Meister Solar helped the surivors of the typhoon catastrophy in Tacloban with clothes, food and other supplies – thank you to everybody who contributed to fill a complete 20 feet container.

Vision Help International Care Foundation

It’s not everyday that we become a part of something Good and Worthwhile. Meister Solar Team once again becomes a part of another Foundation that help Children. A Foundation that is a Home for those who are in Need and for those in Poverty. Meister Solar is one with Vision Help International Care Foundation to reach out, lend a hand provides assistance to the Philippine Communities.

We are grateful in anyway we can be of help, we encourage everyone to join us and be one with Vision Help, your kindness will be very much appreciated and will go a long way.

For more information about the Vision Help Foundation please click the link.