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Save money and make power production more cost effective

Off-grid hybrid solar systems for Marina

Together with our Australian technology partners from BayWa r.e Solar Systems Pty Ltd (formerly Solarmatrix) in Perth, Western Australia we are offering high quality and innovative off-grid hybrid solar systems in the Philippines.


In many parts of the world the electricity from the national power grid is not enough to meet the rising demand throughout the country. The Philippines with its more than 7000 islands is in a unique situation, many parts of the country have an unreliable or no grid power system at all.

This poses a challenge especially for farming and projects on islands in the Philippines, there is only limited or no infrastructure at all in many of these locations. These island residents typically rely on diesel generators for electrification. But rising diesel and transportation costs make it an expensive investment. And rising fuel costs for gensets in the future will make it even more difficult to run these systems in a cost effective manner. At the same time the costs for photovoltaic systems are going down. The logic conclusion is to add photovoltaic solar systems to save money and make the production of power more cost effective.

If solar power systems and gensets are run together the conventional way, the solar power system can add around 20 percent to the overall power production. But this number can increase even further. If the genset and the photovoltaic system are programmed to communicate intelligently with each other, up to 60 percent of photovoltaic solar energy can be fed into the system. For this you need a secure and reliable hybrid system, which constantly analyzes and steers the flow of power depending on demand and weather.

The results are impressive: Costs for power are going down, even if existing systems are modified. These improvements are possible anywhere, even in harsh or remote locations of the Philippines.

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