“Meister Solar Together with Master Pool”


Solar Energy to make the swimming pool water clean and help minimize the use of chemicals.
The Owner of this vacation house was very wise to invest in Solar Energy to power the pool pump.
Everyday he runs his 2500w Pool Pump from 8am-5pm to keep the water of the swimming pool clean all the time.
No worries with high electricity costs since his solar system gives him the energy he needs for the pump.
Not only he saves on his electricity, the swimming pool water is always clean and he don’t need to spend more money for chemicals.


The system includes the following components;

14units Solar PV 265wp Made in Germany with 10yrs product warranty and 25yrs performance warranty.
1unit SMA Sunny Boy Inverter Made in Germany with 5yrs product warranty and with an option to buy extended warranty up to 20yrs.
Complete Schletter Roof Top Mounting System Made in Germany with 2yrs workmanship warranty.