It may not be our first installation in Cabanatuan City but our excitement never fails to surge! As always it was nice working with Cabanatuan Electric (CELCOR) not only that their Engineers are efficient the process is also easy and doesn’t take too long! Net Metering for CELCOR is only a matter of complying with the Rules and Regulations when all is completed our customer will enjoy every kilowatt credit on their monthly Electric Bills, more reasons to save energy!

Meister Solar completed another Solar System for a residence in Cabanatuan City with a capacity of 10.53Kwp Solar Power System with 39units 270wp Solar Panels and 3Units SMA SB3300 Inverter and Complete Mounting System. The system was designed to cover the day time consumption for our client and to save some through Net Metering to credit for the night time consumption.