“Meister Solar Technology Summer Promo still on going – Summer Saving Energy” Thank you Mr. Lorenzo! Wise investment for practical reason! Taking advantage of the FREE energy from the Sun. Since our customer owns an Internet Cafe and a Wifi Provider his facility operates during daytime only which is very ideal for Solar System. The Internet shop will use the Solar System first during day time with the help of San Fernando Electric, this will lessen his electric bill by saving Php4,000 – Php5,000 on an average every month. The system includes the following: 14units PV Solar Panels 265wp Made in Germany 10 years Product Warranty/25years Performance Warranty 1 unit SMA Sunny Boy 3300 inverter Made in Germany with 5 years warranty with an option to buy extended warranty up to 20years. 1 system Complete Roof Mounting System Made in Germany 2 years workmanship warranty.