Finally it’s completed today! Our first ever Hybrid Solar System for the Marina?Yacht! The System consists of 18units of 270wp Solar Panels, 1unit Steca Solarix PLI-5000-48 Hybrid Inverter and mounting system All Made In Germany, 20Units of 200amp Battery will serve also as storage for the energy.

Years of experience with dedication to a cleaner and greener future a realization of hardwork. Meister Solar Team is proud to be a part of this New Adventure being offered by Bohol Sunside Resort. Coming soon is a “New Adventure” that offers Day up to Sunset Cruise with Unlimited Drinks, Cocktails and BBQ. A one of a Kind Adventure that will definitely complete your Bucket List.

Next stop is Bohol, the team will be there to install an On Grid System for a Flower Shop!
Way to go for our Nationwide Installation team! Your commitment and hard work is the pride of Meister Solar.