“Meister Solar one with Metro Clark Waste Management in protecting the Environment”

Metro Clark Waste Management Corporation is dedicated to developing sustainable solutions for minimizing the environmental impact of urban development and energy production projects. Their team works both in Europe and Middle East to develop Clean Development Mechanism projects and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and saving energy.

Meister Solar one of the leading Solar System Integrator in the Philippines, provider of quality made in Germany Solar System, our advocacy ties us all together for a Cleaner and Greener Future.

Meister Solar is proud to say that we just installed a solar system for Metro Clark Waste Management that will supply power for their lights and cctvs. The system will help the facility in promoting and maintaining environmentally responsible practices that is beneficial for everyone.

Thank you for the trust and confidence! Together we create a better world to live in! Solar Energy for a Cleaner and Greener Mother Nature!