Another Satisfied customer, Job Well done Meister Solar Team.

We just installed a new system design with a capacity 6.89Kwp.

Read below an open letter from our Satisfied Customer, very inspiring and keep us all motivated to do better!


Bericht von der ABC German School

Report from ABC German School

Long version

The Germans would say, ich hatte die Nase gestrichen voll. You cannot translate this into English. The closest translation would be, I was totally fed up. My Meralco bill every month was between 15000 and 25000 Pesos. Of course, this included aircons for our students, the refrigerators from our Sari-Sari store, and we do a lot of cooking using our induction stoves. The measurements from Meralco was correct, but far too much for my wallet. So, what to do to reduce this exorbitant bill? Switch everything off? Sorry, this is not working. So, I searched the world wide web. I found three companies offering solar power systems. Of course, I emailed all three of them, but only two reacted. One immediately, the other one after 2 weeks, but that was far too late. Of course, I was not interested to make a deal with a company where the response time is that long. What should I do in case of an emergency? Meister Solar was the one. Even better, it’s managed by Germans, and they use high class German equipment. So, we made the contract. Roof area was enough available, and after I had the money available, we arranged the installation. On the day of the installation I was nearly heartbroken. I was raining like hell. No chance to install. But 20 minutes later Meister Solar was in front of my door, in the pouring rain. And in the trucks was one fantastic item: Good weather. The rain stopped, well, not completely, but enough to do the installation. it took them 8 hours, from 8 to 4, including a lunch break, then the system was working. Now I do not pay Meralco for the day time consumption, which is more than half of my bill. Basically, I save more than 50% of my bill, and this for the next 25 years. The investment I made will be paid back after 5 years. A better investment you cannot get with any bank.

A big thank you to all the people from Meister Solar, especially to the two Germans, Daniel and Steffen, and the dark power in the back ground, Mitch, she did all the paperwork including the registration with Meralco. I did not have to bother with any of this. Complete service.


Andreas Schuetz

Principal of ABC German School.