With the expensive electricity rates and yearly inflation we need to think of better ways on how we can lower the costs of our monthly electric bills. Doesn’t matter if you are just running a household or managing a commercial facility the fact remains that the high costs electric rate affects our daily lives and will definitely hurt our finances.


We are lucky the Philippines is a Tropical Country and has more Sun Energy to offer, it may sound too good to be true but you can actually make money from the Sun Energy. How? Simply by using Solar Power System, it may require a significant amount of investment but the Solar System will provide you savings for 25-30years while the realization of the Return of Investments is around five years only.


If you are one of those who are suffering from high monthly electric bills solar power energy is a better alternative for you to lower your monthly electric bills. Solar System is suitable for everyone may it be for residential, commercial or industrial.

Solar Power System is not limited for self-consumption. There are ways where you can earn money from it by applying for a Net Metering Scheme. This Scheme will allow you to sell excess energy to your Electric Company which will give you credit and will be deducted from your monthly bills.


If you are a homeowner and you are consuming more during night time then Net Metering will be beneficial for you. Click link for the net metering application process https://www.doe.gov.ph/2-how-apply-net-metering-services-your-distribution-utility. But it will be different if you own a rental facility, if you are clever enough you will be able to sell your solar energy by using sub-meter for each apartment/condo.

Think about you have one rental building/facility with a wide roof space, so why not install solar panels that will generate energy to supply all your tenant. Let’s say you are paying Php40,000.00 every month for a rental facility with 4 Apartment/Condo each apartment may have a total monthly electric bill of Php8,000-Php12,000.00 a 17.1kwp Solar System will be suitable for your facility.

17.1KWP Solar Power System Components:
                        57units Astronergy Monocrystalline Solar Panels
3 units SMA SB5.0 New Generation Smart Connect Inverter
1 System Schletter Rooftop Mounting
DC Accessories
AC Accessories

Total Investments:     Php1,300,000.00 (Approximate)

Monthly Savings:      Php20,000.00-Php25,000.00 (on an average)

Yearly Interests Benefits:     15% compare to 2-3% Interest from Bank Deposits

Imagine having a savings of Php20,000-Php25,000 every month from your actual bill but you are actually collecting Php40,000.00 for the actual consumption of your tenant, that’s already your monthly earnings from your Solar Investments.

Make a wise Investments, generate income using FREE energy from the sun invest on Solar System!