October 2016 – Recently Mike Wöhlert of Meister Solar took a short break from the solar business as the rain was soaking Luzon und the work on many solar projects was slowing down.

But when visiting a good friend up in La Union pleasure turned quickly to business again. Over a glass of wine his friend asked him: “My bank is not offering any decent interest for my money, where can I get 2 – 3 %?”

The German solar expert from Pampanga produced a big smile and asked his friend: “How would you like a 15 % return on your investment with an immediate monthly payout?”

The friend checked if the wine bottle was getting empty a bit too fast, as he could not believe what he just heard: 15 % interest and immediate monthly pay-out. Is this too good to be true?

But its reality and here is how the calculation goes:
Everybody knows that even for 300 000 pesos banks are not paying even one percent interest per year. A really bad deal! But if you invest this amount in a private solar power system, you can earn around 4000 pesos per month. That amounts to around 50 000 pesos per year or an impressive 16 % interest. But the pay-out starts with the first month as the electricity bill is reduced immediately. Through smart net-metering the solar system is not only saving energy, but also selling electricity back to the power systems (Tie grid).

How long does this model work?
The live span of a private solar power system is around 25 to 30 years. But the investment is full paid after six years already. So from there on the system will make money for another 20 to 25 years!

How about maintenance? What is if you move to another house? What about warranty?
With more than 20 years of experience Meister Solar knows all the answers to these questions.
Important: Solar power systems are maintenance free through their life span.
The warranty for the modules is 25 years and for the inverter by sma five years, but can be extended for another 20 years if requested.

If moving to another house, the solar systems will either up the sales price or can be dismantled and shifted to the new house, quick and high quality mounting system make it possible.

There is no doubt: In a sunny country like the Philippines solar power systems are one of the best investments out there. You have more money in the pocket and also help the environment by going green.