munich re25 years performance guarantee – but what will happen if the manufacturer cannot continue meeting his obligations during his warranty period?

Past has shown, that some well-known manufacturer could not meet their contractual indemnity bonds toward their customers due to bankruptcy.

This resulted in massive financial losses for the customers.

What can be done to minimize the customer’s risk?

25 years is a long guarantee period; therefore, it is very difficult to find a reputable insurance.

Astronergy applied for an appropriate insurance status at Munich RE, the world’s biggest reinsurance company with their main office in Munich, Germany.


Munich RE investigated the application intensively and after evaluation of the probability of failure of Astronergy’s top-quality equipment, they decided to welcome Astronergy to their clientele.

Not only we at Meister Solar are convinced of the quality of Astronergy’s solar panels – so is Munich RE.

Therefore, Meister Solar’s customers do not only have a contractual 25-years-performance-guarantee but also an additional independent guarantee from the world’s biggest reinsurance company – Munich RE.

Meister Solar – Astronergy – Munich RE – German quality on all levels.