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Meister Solar Technology proudly offers you one of the BEST SELLING SMA INVERTER!

The SMA Sunny Boy SB 3000 is one of the youngest and most advanced members of the classic SMA Sunny Boy Family.

It is designed for PV System with a power of up to 3600 Wp and has a wide input voltage range. It is suitable for installation in medium sized systems as well as in large system. The SB 3000 is equipped with a stainless steel enclosure and is compatible with all of SMA’s communication products. The maximum efficiency of 95 % makes the Sunny Boy SB 3000 the perfect choice for your installation.

The SMA Sunny Boy inverter 3000 is designed for an input power of up to 3200 Wp and is naturally compatible with all SMA diagnosis systems real “plus” for large-scale PV systems.

This inverter can be used also with the following system design:
3.43KWP Solar System: it consists of 14 Conergy Eco-Pro245wp Solar Panels Made in Germany and 1 complete mp-tec mounting system also made in Germany

Another system design is:
3.31KWP Solar Power system; using Mp-tec S-Line 255wp Solar Panels Made in Germany and 1 complete mp-tec mounting system also made in Germany

There is a wide possibility of designs to use for the SMA Sunny Boy 3000 and as simple as it is the versatility is another plus.

The Sunny Boy 3000 inverter is to this day the bestselling solar inverters by far, equipped with the “SMA grid guard 2” grid interface and automatic grid frequency detection, these Sunny Boys are compatible with almost ALL ELECTRICITY GRID in the world.

In addition, the Sunny Boy 3000 inverter is with TRANSFORMER and broad input voltage range, which provides a great deal of freedom when connecting to the grid.

It also has a 5years warranty with an option to buy an extended warranty for another 5years up to 2years.

The fact that a product has sold more units worldwide than any other in its class doesn’t necessarily say anything about its quality, the Sunny Boy 3000 inverters guarantee excellent energy yields because they operate with extremely low losses. Their extremely solid engineering and innovative switching concept is ideal for the most common system sizes of grid-connected solar power systems. The wide input power range enables a diversity of combination options with all current cell technologies and the extensive display and communication options make the Sunny Boy 2500 / Sunny Boy 3000 the perfect choice for your system.

Order now for Php 55,000 only!