With more than 300 Residential, over a hundred of Commercial and Industrial Installation Nationwide Meister Solar Technology is definitely at its Peak! But how do they manage to do it?From Inquires to the Actual Site Assessment to the Planning and Design up to System Turn Over, they do it cost effectively and with practical time management.

        Meister Solar treat all Inquiries may it be phone or email with outmost importance, making sure to attend to all their queries the soonest possible time. Having an active and well-trained Sales and Technical staff is a must, always ready to assists any time you call or email during business hours.

14724472_525324387662929_7099009546932470229_nHow we do it?

      What makes Meister Solar stand among the rest is how they provide Customer Satisfaction and gaining the trust and confidence of the Customers. Who would not? Especially when it is the “Boss’ who is coming to you, not an Agent, not a Representative, not a Sub-Contractor but the “Boss” will actually come to you with his team to provide you with and an Actual FREE On-Site Assessment. The “Boss” will definitely provide you with an accurate Assessment of your Energy requirements and provide you with a FREE consultation on how you can save and maximize the benefit of your Solar System, with more than 20years in the Solar Industry (16years in Germany and 6years in the Philippines) you will definitely get your money’s worth.





          Not all Solar Companies provide FREE On-Site Assessment, mostly they ask a certain fee from Php2,500-Php5,000, but not Meister Solar. With Meister Solar the On-Site Assessment is definitely FREE. Because of their flexibility and good time management Meister Solar comes to you for FREE, Scheduling is the Key, Meister Solar Team normally have 2-3times a week scheduled slots, and per slot it’s a minimum 3 to 4 clients which allows them to save on time and money. The Sales Team will make the planning; selecting all those qualified for the On-site Assessment. All inquiries will go through phone consultation first to make sure that all necessary info will be given which will help Meister Solar to categorize if the Customer is Qualified for the FREE On-Site Assessment. Time is very valuable to Meister Solar, it’s important to use it wisely and with practicality, WASTING TIME is a Big NO for Meister Solar and also for the Customers, it’s not fair to get your time if from the very start we already know that we cannot provide you with what you need.

Professional and Realistic Analysis and Recommendation

        FREE On-Site Assessment is very important, that’s why Meister Solar “Boss” and team will be the one to reach out and comes to your place. You are guaranteed that you are getting a Hands On and accurate details regarding Solar System. Meister Solar makes sure to check what type of roof you have; if it’s metal, stone, ceramic etc., this is important for planning on what type of roof holder is suitable for your roof. The On-Site Assessment will also tell you how much energy you need per hour/day and what System Capacity will be suitable for your needs; for example, if you are a residence with a minimum of Php7,000.00 monthly electric bill a 3.85Kwp Solar System will be practical for you. This system consists of 13Units Astronergy 275wp Solar Panels, 1Unit SMA SB3600 Inverter, complete mounting system from Schletter and KBE Solar Cable and MC4 connectors made in Germany.


         After the FREE Actual Assessment Meister Solar will send you a detailed proposal giving you the best price quality made in Germany Solar System. The proposal will show you how much is the costs and what is included in that package, no HIDDEN CHARGES and no EXTRA COSTS will be charge to you. Meister Solar make sure to provide you with a proposal that is easy to understand, detailed from the Materials up to Logistics so you know what you are paying for, and the good thing is Meister Solar doesn’t need DOWN PAYMENT, sign the contract and just pay once all materials was completely delivered and the installation is in place. Unlike other Solar Company, Meister Solar has a Warehouse in Pampanga with more than 300kwp Solar System in stock, installation is anytime and we don’t need your money to buy your own materials. This only proves that Meister Solar is legit and your investment will definitely worth it.

33113940_781732955355403_3693649532140126208_nNet Metering Assistance


          Meister Solar doesn’t only provide you with FREE Actual Site Assessment, a complete Turn over Orientation and Net Metering Assistance will be provided to you as soon as your Solar System was installed. Yes, Meister Solar also specializes in providing your Net Metering Services/Assistance from the Application forms to the highly technical Plant Parameter forms and COC forms from ERC and complete step by step guide on how to get a 100% approval of your Net Metering Application.



Meister Solar Commitment and Guarantees

          What more can you ask for? Meister Solar with more than 20years experience in the Solar Industry, well trained and dedicated German Solar Specialists and Filipino Installers, German Technology backed up with long Warranty; Astronergy Solar Panels with 12- 25years Warranty with re-insurance warranty from Munich-Re, SMA Inverters with 5years warranty with an option to buy up to 15years extended warranty services, Schletter mounting system with 10years guarantee and 2years workmanship warranty.

Make sure to choose wisely, don’t be nagged and pushed by Sales Agents to buy sub- standard Solar System choose the company that’s guaranteed to provide you with a Commitment that comes with an excellent Customer Service.