Solar power in the Philippines was pioneered by Meister Solar

September 2015 – Our new series on solar power in the Philippines

Sun is now becoming one of the primary sources of Energy in the Philippines, Solar Energy as we call it is
now making a great new direction in terms of Renewable Energy. Philippines as a tropical country have a
strong potential in harnessing solar energy that can be used as electricity with the use of Solar
Panels/Photovoltaic Cells. In this three part series Blog we will show you how the Philippines adapted
Solar Energy and what the future holds for this very promising technology.


For those who still don’t know how Solar Energy works; it’s as simple as when the sun shines the energy
is being produced. With the help of modern technology we were able to come up with Solar Components
that are essential in harnessing the Energy of the Sun, from Solar Panels to Inverters. Solar Panels or
what we call the Photovoltaic Modules catches the light of the Sun and produces DC energy that is then
pass thru the Inverter which is the brain and the heart of the Solar System, the inverter will then converts
the DC energy into AC Energy that is being distributed inside the facility and can be used to all their load.

The most convenient and practical system is the Roof Top System, may it be residential, commercial or
industrial, the Philippines has plenty of it. Although the technology is just starting here in the Philippines
the potential is high and very promising not to mention a lot of Big Companies already venturing in the
Solar Business. One of the Pioneer in the Country is Mike Woehlert, a German National who have more
than 18years of experience in the Solar Industry in Germany, and later on decided to explore it in the
Philippines. After seeing how expensive the Electric Energy and how abundant the Solar Energy, Mike
Woehlert didn’t think twice in investing in the Solar Power System.

Married to a Filipina, Mike Woehlert decided to install a 16KWP Solar Power System in their own
Vacation Hotel in Angeles City Pampanga. Being the first one to have a Solar System in that area is quite
a big deal considering he was the first one to have a Net Metering in the whole Area of Pampanga.

He didn’t stop from there, instead it’s just the beginning for him, His passion in saving the environment
by using Renewable Energy led him to start a Company that will provide Green Energy by using Solar
System. With the help of his brother Mr. Daniel Woehlert, Mike founded Meister Solar Technology, a
Company that offers not only Quality German made Solar Components but aims to help those who would
like to start a solar business by educating them thru the Dealership Program. This Program provides not
only Whole Sale Prices but also regular extensive training that includes; administration and Application
up to the Installation Process. Indeed this Program was really a breakthrough in the Solar Industry as this
creates a wide range of knowledge to almost every one.

Paving the way to the Solar Market is not easy, the most difficult part is how to present the concept in a
way everyone will easily understand and accept. It is very important to educate the client on what they
are buying; how it works and what are the benefits they can get from it. Remember Solar Power System
is an expensive investment. It may be a rewarding investment but it’s not for everyone.

With a lot of effort, patience combined with the belief on the product, Mike Woehlert was able to
established Meister Solar Technology and steered the Company to become one of the Top 5 Solar
Companies in the whole Country.

With over 100 Projects in the past 4 years indeed it is by far a success for Mr. Mike Woehlert and
Company. From being the First Net Metering in Pampanga to having the First Bi-Directional Net Metering in the
Philippines is something to be proud of.

Meister Solar Technology has come a long way and making a Name in the Solar Industry by not being a
competitor but a Company which is open for everyone who wants to learn new technologies about Solar
and who have requirements for Solar Power Systems; from small to big scale projects.

The Solar Industry is as simple as well as complicated as it can be, from Tie-Grid System being the most
popular and practical, to Off-Gird Battery Solutions; the up side and the down side of each System.

On the 2nd part of this Blog we will focus more on what are the other types of Solar Power Systems and
how the Utility Companies works with Solar Companies in terms of Net Metering.