Solar power systems in the Philippines

November 2015 – This 2nd part of our series on solar power in the Philippines will give us more insight on how solar power systems can be beneficial for residential and commercial use.

Solar power systems are a substantial investment, but it will give you guaranteed money back after six to seven years. Those who can afford investing a minimum of Php 300,000.00 for a small residential solar system (3kwp) or Php 750,000.00 for a small commercial solar system (8kwp) surely will get more than what their money’s worth not to mention the benefits they are giving back to our environment.
A small residential system with a three kilowatt capacity can actually give you a monthly savings of Php 3,500 to Php 5,000 while the small commercial system with an eight kilowatt capacity gives you a monthly savings of Php 9,000 to Php 13,000 on average. So if you are a household with a monthly electric bill of Php 5000 – Php 7,000 having the small system is quite practical. Especially if you are consuming electricity mostly during day time, otherwise net metering will be more applicable for you. Net metering will allow you to export your over production to your electric company during day time which will be credited to your monthly electric bills.

Acquiring a solar power system may it be for residential use or commercial use: three kilowatt, six kilowatt, eight kilowatt or a much bigger capacity solar system will need a thorough understanding and acceptance on how this solar system will work for you and what will be the benefit.

When buying a solar power system it is very important to look for a reputable and knowledgeable solar company; they should be able to provide you with the best quality material providing long warranty. Solar panels should have minimum 10 year warranty and a lifespan of 25 years. The inverter is the brain and heart of your system, so it is imperative that it should have a long warranty minimum of 5 years with an option to buy an extended warranty every 5 years up to 20 years, mounting system should have a product guarantee of minimum 15 years and the workmanship should have at least two year warranty.

Customer service is also very important, keep in mind that solar systems maybe a bit technical for some and having a company that can provides complete customer service with technical support and troubleshooting is quite a big deal. After sales support is also another important thing to consider and only a reputable solar company can offer that.

Always remember to look for a premium solar company which provides not only the best quality solar power systems but guiding you all throughout the process; from planning, design and engineering up to commission and testing and with a reliable after sales service support.